Mobility analysis traffic complexes E17 Kortrijk

From 2017 to 2018
In cooperation with Witteveen + Bos, Transport & Mobility Leuven conducted a study on mobility and any possible variants to improve the traffic complexes of Kortrijk-Oost, Kortrijk-Zuid en Aalbeke.  The current design of these complexes is not very functional.  The design is hard to read, the complexity of the inserting movements and the insufficient capacity leading to traffic unsafety and a poor traffic flow, especially during morning and evening peak hours.  The Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) wants to prevent an increase of the current congestion levels and a total traffic jam in the future. 
TML used the Vissim-software to make a simulation for the situation in 2030, based on camera counts, prospective developments /infrastructural modifications and the macroscopic city model of Kortrijk.  In this simulation, the current bottlenecks were detected. Several variants (with and without the expansion of the R8) were designed for the complexes.  These variants were then tested and evaluated using the Vissim-model.  TML developed the variants for Kortrijk-Oost, with single-level crossings and multilevel crossings.
This mobility study will be the underpinning for the political decision to make a start with the Complex Project ‘Enhancement of the traffic complexes Kortrijk-Oost, Kortrijk-Zuid and Aalbeke, and approach of the R8 in relation with its environment.


From 2017 to 2018


Agency for Roads and Traffic



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