From 2018 to 2020
Affordable and yet intricate traffic counts of traffic volumes are essential for transport-related studies.  Within the 'Telraam‘-project, we develop an integrated application based on low-cost hardware and a public online platform allowing citizens to perform traffic counts in such way that the generated data can be used for traffic-engineering purposes.
TML develops the architecture, the hardware and the software for the sensor, and uses the resulting traffic count data in a pilot case in Kessel-Lo to showcase the possibilities of the application to both citizens as well as local governments.
In the pilot case in Kessel-Lo, we roll out a local network of 100 counting points.  Furthermore, we provide for 100 additional sensors to set up small networks in other places in Flanders. 

At the end of this project, we expect the number of sensors to further grow organically and the emergence of new applications that will make use of the traffic count data.


From 2018 to 2020


Smart Mobility Belgium


Mobiel 21,

Our team

Rodric Frederix, Willem Himpe, Sven Maerivoet, Péter I. Pápics, Kris Vanherle
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