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    Jeroen Vanbiervliet

    Jeroen Vanbiervliet is a bio science engineer graduated in biosystems. He learned to model (biological) processes quantitatively and analyse the results of those models. He complemented his studies with specific courses from the traffic and logistics master at KUL. At TML, he specializes in the design of intelligent signal controls & traffic management in multimodal networks, and the microsimulations of those networks. As such, he is heavily involved in the development and implementation of the new innovative management system for the traffic lights in Antwerp. In this project he builds up expertise in analysing, improving, and simulating light-controlled intersections. He is also involved in developing and road works management for a number of large complex infrastructure works such as the Noorderlijn and the Oosterweel connection in Antwerp. In those projects, he must analyse traffic structures from the highest (motorway network) to the lowest level of detail (widening cycle paths on a local road) and then, after the analysis, arrive at possible measures to limit the nuisance (diversion routes, developing alternative modes of transport, adjusting temporary traffic lights, … ).
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