From 2006 to 2010
In the FLEXSYS project a number of representative companies and research groups sought a solution for efficient traffic management under incidental situations such as road works, deviations, events, evacuations, … As the traffic situation changes dynamically, the traffic infrastructure remains quite static. To address this, we conducted important innovative interventions in the different links of a traffic management system: detection, network and communication, data processing and signalisation. We also examined the legal framework of traffic systems and the possible exploitation of FLEXSYS in a business context.

FLEXSYS opens a new market for intelligent traffic management. It now also becomes possible for local governments, police forces, shopping centres and companies responsible for the signalling of road works, to control traffic situations. The project was demonstrated as a complete autonomous functioning system in the city of Kortrijk.

The system is comprised of different components that regulate the entire information flow from detection by traffic cameras and radars to controlling variable message signs. At the heart of the systems sits a traffic model that, based on measurements gathered at certain, well-chosen places, estimates the traffic conditions in the entire road network. In this way, the traffic manager gets a good view on the overall conditions in his regio, allowing him to react quickly, optionally by means of a decision support system that automatically proposes advice.


From 2006 to 2010


a consortium of companies, supported by the "Interdisciplinair Instituut voor BreedBand Technologie" (IBBT) and the "Instituut voor de Aanmoediging van Innovatie door Wetenschap en Technologie in Vlaanderen" (IWT)


TC-Matics, Telematics Cluster, Icoms Communications, Touring, Traficon, Tritel, Van den Berg / Heijmans, Vialis Belgium, Vlaams Verkeerscentrum, V.U.B. ETRO, KU Leuven Verkeer & Infrastructuur, KU Leuven ICRI

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