From 2015 to 2017
Autonomous vehicles (AVs) become more and more prevailing in today’s world. There is hence a clear need for researching both functional and operational safety. In this project, we study the latter, implying the full context of a vehicle embedded in a surrounding with other traffic participants, and the related accidents risks. We set up an accident typologies framework, based on available accident analyses (sketches) and literature information, adapted to Belgian accident statistics. This is then validated by means of software simulations, by defining certain scenarios for which we set up various experimental conditions. The results are then interpreted in terms of surrogate safety measures (SSMs) which are then converted into calculated accident and consequently injury risks. This allows to estimate the impact of autonomous vehicles on traffic safety, as well as allowing us to compare them to non-autonomous vehicles (or vehicles with a lower level of autonomy).


From 2015 to 2017




Flanders’ DRIVE/MAKE, University Ghent, Siemens Industry Software, TomTom Maps, Xenics, VDL Bus & Coach Roeselare
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