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Acquiring accurate traffic information on a roadway network is a constantly evolving discipline, employing all kinds of technologies world-wide. In this study, we take a closer look at a method for deriving travel times based on the information from mobile cell phones. The technique is based on the patented Cellular Floating Vehicle Data (CFVD) technology of ITIS Holdings, whereby cell phones exchange information with stationary antenna posts.

Our study encompasses a validation effort that assesses the usability of the CFVD technology for extracting travel times and traffic conditions. To this end, we compared the results of the CFVD technology with different other traffic observations: data obtained by single inductive loop detectors embedded in the roads, and observations derived by test drives with a GPS-equipped probe vehicle. This allowed us to evaluate the performance of the CFVD technology with independent traffic sources.

The validation is made for the CFVD technology as implemented in the region of Antwerp in October 2006. The study area covers all motorways and the major regional and urban roads in the neighbourhood of the city.







Our team

Sven Maerivoet, Steven Logghe
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