The COVID-19 TML walk

At TML we are not only doing the most ingenious projects, but we also pay attention to the human contact between colleagues.
At the beginning of this year, we organised a corona-proof walk for all our employees. All participants were divided into groups of four, thereby paying attention to a good mix. On Friday, March 5, the time had come. All teams departed, each participant staying in his/her own group. Armed with a packed lunch and aperitif, our colleagues had the chance to win a prize while walking. Everyone was given clear instructions about the walk itself, and how they could do all this corona-proof by respecting the measures.

During the walk, which lasted a few hours, there was a lot of talking to each other, because TML people rarely avoid a good conversation or discussion. There were also various assignments (which our colleague Eef had put together perfectly), in which they took the time to take a whole series of photos. This gave them a chance for victory. The walk travelled through the whole city, whereby all groups were spread well apart.

TML'ers have no shortage of creativity, and you can clearly see that in the team names: 'Lost in TransLeuven', 'The bearskin sellers', 'Interurban union of bio-energetic urban wanderers', 'You never walk alone', 'BRILjant' and finally 'RICH'.

The results followed about two weeks later. During a large joint video call, the points and the winner "BRILLIANT" were announced.

Thank you to everyone who was there!
And for all employees at TML: until the next activity!
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