Telraam is awarded API of the year

During the live show of the Digital Flanders Trefdag, Information Flanders announced the winners of the API awards 2020.
With Telraam, Transport & Mobility Leuven won the award for 'best API'. The open data application ensures that citizens, authorities and study bureaus can request more detailed information for the active Telraam or partial elements thereof.
Thanks to Telraam, citizens, authorities and engineering consultants can count the number of pedestrians, cyclists, cars and heavy traffic using a smart sensor. Telraam is an initiative of Transport & Mobility Leuven NV, vzw Mobiel 21 and One and a half years ago, they launched the first counting network of 100 Telramen in Kessel-Lo, Leuven. Meanwhile, more than 1600 counting frames have been installed in Belgium and abroad. There are also 15 counting networks running in cooperation with local governments, each counting the traffic with at least 20 telrams.
With the contest, Informatie Vlaanderen wants to stimulate the API approach. An API (Application Programming Interface) ensures that two different applications can communicate with each other.
API's allow data to flow smoothly between applications and partners and thus ensure administrative simplification, innovation and more cooperation.

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