TML on a circular walk

Our TML staff are not only passionate researchers, they also enjoy all kinds of group activities. On April 28 we went out in Leuven. Not just a stroll around, but a real circular walk. Led by a guide, we walked from one circular initiative in the city to another. Respecting all corona measures, we wore our face masks, kept our distance from each other, and went criss-cross through the streets of Leuven in two groups, gradually discovering places some of us had never been to.

The weather was perfect, the ambiance was great, and with a good snack and drink in our hands we were ready. We left at the MAAKbar, and were guided from one place to another. In between, as it befits us, we had vigorous discussions about the scientific nature of a so-called butterfly economy, the sense and nonsense of other concepts, and ways to better plant the greenery in our gardens. The walk itself was fun, although we had hoped to see some more well-known and lesser-known initiatives, more about local work with demolition materials to make new things, nice anecdotes, brain teasers, etc.

After the walk, we settled down with our remaining group on a Leuven terrace, ordered a hearty circular drink, fed the inner person, and engrossed in pleasant conversations while the sun hastened to set just before the obliged closing hour.
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