Review of a Study on Longer and Heavier Vehicles

TML participated in the peer review process of a European Parliament study "The impact of Megatrucks".

Abstract of the study: "This study provides an analysis of the current evidence on Longer and Heavier Vehicles (LHVs) and the potential impact of allowing the use of these 'Megatrucks' throughout the EU - as is the case in Finland and Sweden which already permit LHVs in normal traffic. It is based on a literature review of prominent research in this field, as well as case studies looking into the experiences of LHVs in the five Member States in which they are either allowed or tested. In addition to this, it analyses available statistical data and considers the impact of 'Megatrucks' in relation to EU objectives on road safety and greenhouse gas emissions."

Along with a written report, TML participated at the review meeting that took place on 5 September 2013. (video fragment:




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