Transport & Mobility Leuven wins Business Mobility Awards

Flemish Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters announced that Transport & Mobility Leuven has won the Business Mobility Award in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises. Transport & Mobility Leuven provides a 360° sustainable mobility policy by and for its employees.
We focus on all possible facets to offer employees a more sustainable, efficient and traffic-safe alternative, both in commuting and for work-related travel. No company cars or parking, but maximum use of public transport, the company folding bicycle, Blue-Bikes, share cars for work assignments and extensive possibilities and tools to work from home (long before the corona crisis). TML deliberately chose a location close to Leuven railway station and the location of the workplace has a Mobiscore of 9.7/10 as a result.

An overview of some of the measures Transport & Mobility Leuven is taking with regard to commuting:
  • 100% of the employees come to work by public transport or bicycle since the start of operations (2002).
  • Each employee receives a bicycle allowance (max. amount/km) or a public transport subscription.
  • We have a company folding bike, which is used for the combi with public transport
  • We have a shower for living-working cyclists
  • No commercial vehicles, no parking
  • Blue-Bikes and Cambio can be used for work assignments
  • Travelling by train for work assignments is reimbursed 1st class 
  • The travel time in the train is considered as 100% working time (if you work)
  • Bicycles can be stored and recharged indoors or outdoors safely and comfortably.
  • Our company buildings are always situated close to a large public transport station.
  • Regular homeworking is already allowed from well before the Corona crisis, employees have all the tools for this: free internet at home, GoToMeeting, cloud data, etc. The switchover at the start of the semi-lockdown therefore went smoothly.
  • There is a company cycling team.
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