Management System for the Traffic Lights in Antwerp

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From 2016 to 2025
In cooperation with Imtech Telecom and Arcadis Belgium, TML is developing a new innovative management system for the traffic lights in Antwerp. We are drafting a traffic management strategy for new, optimized and dynamic lighting schemes.
Hereto, a modern Traffic Coordination Centre (TCC) which has proven its usefulness in other cities, will be implemented. TCC eliminates the limitations of the current system and will be a valuable implementation tool for the mobility policy of the various project partners.
In terms of functionality the system will respond dynamically to the traffic situation and will also conduct specific policy objectives that are applicable to the axes and areas within the study area.
Operationally it will be a robust TCC with a modern user interface, which allows the operators in a transparent and easy way to manage, control and monitor the traffic in the Antwerp metropolitan area.
A new traffic management strategy for the Antwerp region will also be adopted, focusing on the policy objectives for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and car traffic. This strategy is concretely translated into a control strategy at the level of the whole region and the level of each intersection. This will lead to new, optimised, and dynamic lighting schemes.
The contract is initially for 10 years. The complete system is built up during the first year. The following years we will gradually redesigning the traffic lights and connect them to the new TCC.


From 2016 to 2025


Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer, Afdeling Expertise Verkeer en Telematica - City of Antwerp


Imtech Telecom, Arcadis Belgium

Our team

Ruben Corthout, Hanne De Naegel, Dirk Engels, Rodric Frederix, Willem Himpe, Stef Tourwé, Gitte Van Den Bergh, Jeroen Vanbiervliet, Filip Vanhove
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