New TREMOVE Baseline

The European Commission is developing a new White Paper on transport. To allow the impact assessment of measures, the TREMOVE model is a key support tool. The starting point of the modelling exercise is a common baseline. A baseline includes reference points (i.e. correct statistics for past years), expected socio-economic developments and relevant transport policy measures included.

In this project, TML developed a new TREMOVE baseline for JRC-IPTS who used it to do model runs for the impact assessment of White Paper policy measures.

The project included 3 major tasks:

- Introduction/harmonisation of policy measures in TREMOVE (e.g. bio fuel directive, EURO VI emission standards), to be consistent with the most recent legislation and the PRIMES model.
- Developing a methodology for and introducing PRIMES transport projections into the TREMOVE demand module.
- Recalibrating TREMOVE in order to be consistent with statistics and the PRIMES model, specifically on energy consumption and CO2-emissions.
The new TREMOVE baseline has been delivered to JRC-IPTS. T




European Commission, IPTS



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