Masterplan Slaughterhouse Site Antwerp

From 2018 to 2020
In the context of new project developments on the Slaughterhouse site in Antwerp, the need for a new mobility concept  is growing. TML advises city planner AG Vespa on the development of such a concept, with specific attention to the parking problems and the accessibility of the site.

More concretely, within this project TML will make an analysis of the traffic circulation in the area and the accessibility of the site to the Slachthuislaan.  TML will supervise the consultation between the project developer Triple Living, the neighbourhood association 'Dam-comité' and AG Vespa. By means of an extensive origin-destination study and counting of bicycle traffic, the current traffic volume is mapped in detail, with a distinction in destination and through traffic. The traffic forecasts from the master plan have been updated on the basis of current insights in the interpretation of the site. TML formulates suggestions for the layout of both the site and the surrounding public domain in order to limit the traffic pressure on the surrounding area.



From 2018 to 2020


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