Road Works Impact Management Noorderlijn Antwerp

From 2015 to 2019
TML assists in the roadworks management for the Brabo 2 project in Antwerp. This project includes the Northern Tram Line and some roadwork.  The Northern Line (more info on ensures a smooth a tram connection from the city centre, “Het Eilandje” and the north of the city. In the future, the tram will also operate, for example, the Red Star Line Museum, the MAS on “Het Eilandje” and the new Park & Ride at the Noorderlaan junction with the A12. The underground tramway under the Turnhoutsebaan (“de Reuzenpijp”) is extended and will connect to the Frankrijklei.
Some roads along the route of the Northern Line get a new look. The ‘noordelijke Leien’ are renovated, as well as RooseveltPlaats and Operaplein. A lot of intersections are better and safer equipped.

TML assists Tram Contractors, the building consortium, with the roadworks management. We collaborate on the planning of the works, the organization of the BLVC meetings ('Bereikbaarheid - accessibility , Leefbaarheid - quality of life , Veiligheid - security and Communicatie - communications') and produce the BLVC documents. Moreover, we are drafting the signal plans for the traffic lights, we provide assistance on the elaboration of the signalisation maps (maps with the traffic signs and road markings) and support the communication.


From 2015 to 2019


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Kristof Carlier, Hanne De Naegel, Dirk Engels
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