LGV in the Road Transport Market

The main goal of this study was to gain insight into the extent to which Light Goods Vehicles (LGVs) were used in long(er) distance commercial freight transport to bypass the regulations that apply to Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). Based on a number of criteria, the European Commission (DG TREN) was informed of the necessity of European-wide legislation for these vehicles.

The expertise of TML was used to study why these LGVs are potentially successful, the existing economic advantages or disadvantages for LGVs in comparison with HGVs, and the current legislation in each of the Member States. Although a monetary advantage may exist in favour of LGVs, they remain at the same time, less favourable from the point of view of road safety and fuel consumption (per unit freight).




European Commission, DG TREN



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Tim Breemersch
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