Traffic Management System City of Leuven

From 2018 to 2021
The city of Leuven wants to replace the current parking guidance system by a state-of-the-art traffic management system. Within such system, the dynamic road signs are not limited to parking-related information only, but will equally inform the road user of general real-time traffic information of the roads and road works ahead. Within this project, we will analyse all traffic-related aspects of such traffic management system, applied to the Leuven context in particular. This includes, amongst others, an analysis of foreign examples of high-performing traffic management systems, an analysis of the relevant hard- and software necessary to make the system operable, and an analysis of the long-term possibilities of such a system. The project will result in a finalised technical design and an inventory of the technical specifications to be used in a market consultation organised by the city of Leuven to find a partner who will install the system.



From 2018 to 2021


City of Leuven

Our team

Ruben Corthout, Hanne De Naegel, Bart Ons, Gitte Van Den Bergh, Jeroen Vanbiervliet
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