Express Tramline Hasselt-Maastricht

The possible construction of an express tramline 1 in Limburg Hasselt-Maastricht has already been examined in several studies. First, an analysis was made with the Traffic Model Limburg and its derivative the Spartacus model that was prepared to make a better estimate of the attraction of new travellers through the creation of the tramline. On the other hand, the transport value of the tramline was examined using model calculations with the multimodal Municipal Traffic Model of Maastricht.

Currently it is being considered whether the express tramline 1 Hasselt-Maastricht would no longer have its final stop at the station of Maastricht, but at the Maasboulevard (centre). The question is what the impact will be on the number of passengers on this line. Therefore, an additional analysis was made with the Municipal Traffic Model Maastricht.

Commissioned by De Lijn Limburg, TML critically screened the various studies. We validated the estimation results of shortening of the line, with an indication of the certainties and uncertainties in the estimation of the number of expected travellers.




De Lijn Limburg



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