The Federal Government as "Launching Customer" of Electric Mobility

A "National Master plan for encouraging electric mobility in Belgium" was drawn up by the FOD Economy to successfully introduce electric mobility in Belgium. One of the 13 action domains is the "Role of the Government as launching customer". This action domain concerns the use of the government fleet as a test case, a pioneer for switching from conventional to electric mobility within their own fleet.

TML analysed the current fleet of various federal government services and autonomous public enterprises aiming replace it with electric vehicles (EV). We investigated EV-alternatives, usage pattern, sites and the necessary charging infrastructure and we identified bottlenecks that could hamper electric mobility adoption.

We identified 6 possible pilot projects for the 1500 to 2000 vehicles currently in the federal governmental services fleet. For every potential pilot project the investment cost and the total cost (or benefit) over the lifetime of the vehicles was estimated, as well as the expected environmental impact.

Some interesting options are: the partial replacement of conventional pool and/or technical intervention vehicles by electric alternatives. The introduction of electric bicycles and the replacement of vehicles dedicated to leading functionaries by electric alternatives provide good opportunities to introduce electric mobility in the federal government services.




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