Energy Use and Emission Reductions in Brussels

From 2007 to 2008
The Brussels Region, like many other metropolitan regions and cities, faces environmental challenges with respect to energy use and emissions. To investigate the effects of different policies aimed at reducing emission and energy use, the environmental administration of the Brussels Region asked TML and 3E to build a transparent model. TML modelled the transport sector while 3E, an energy consulting company, modelled the other sectors.

The transparency of the model was a major issue as the administration itself will use the model to carry out simulations.

The transport model takes all major pollutants and greenhouse gases into account. It also accounts for energy use and all kinds of costs, including time costs and taxes. The model is able to take technological measures as well as various other pricing measures into account. The model calculates impacts on transport volumes, modal shares and emissions.

The model can, for example, simulate the effects of the following policies:

- road user charging
- improved public transport (travel time or costs)
- cheaper public transport
- increased renewal of cars
- …
The model is inspired by the European environmental transport model TREMOVE ( and can be adapted to other cities.


From 2007 to 2008


Leefmilieu Brussel (previously BIM)


3E (coordinator)

Our team

Kris Vanherle, Bruno Van Zeebroeck
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