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In the very near future, vehicles will interact directly with each other and with the road infrastructure. This interaction is the domain of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), which will allow road users and traffic managers to share information and use it to coordinate their actions. This cooperative element – enabled by digital connectivity between vehicles and between vehicles and transport infrastructure – is expected to significantly improve road safety, traffic efficiency and comfort of driving, by helping the driver to take the right decisions and adapt to the traffic situation.
This study aims to gain valuable insights about  the various elements influencing user acceptance of C-ITS services; and their willingness to use and/or buy such services.

Our research will be guided by the following research questions:
• Set up an inventory, analysis, and report of  any social, emotional, and/or economic elements that are possibly of influence to the end user’s mindset;
• Create an adjusted positioning of these elements in a theoretical (explanatory/behavioural) framework;
• Formulate proposals for the most appropriate methods, actions and strategies to raise awareness of C-ITS and thoroughly inform and convince the end user of the added value of C-ITS;
• Enlist (measurable) indicators to evaluate these strategies.

TML’s Expertise:

Transport & Mobility Leuven has an extensive expertise as to the various disciplines and competencies regarding:

• user acceptance and behavioural change
• process guidance
• communications
• Technology watching
• Flemish mobility policy
More specifically, we rely on our specific expertise regarding the analysis of mobility- and safety effects which are linked to the introduction of new technologies and new policies.  During the past few years, TML has played a prominent role in several projects related to intelligent transport systems and automated vehicles, such as for instance CITRUS and EMDAS.





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