Traffic Circulation Parking Carrefour in Korbeek-Lo

The goal of this study was to consider the effects on traffic circulation, due to the building of a new store on the site where Carrefour Korbeek-Lo is located. To this end, we considered certain scenarios in relation to a predefined base case in which no changes to the site were made. The effects on the traffic circulation were then studied by means of traffic volumes and travel time losses.

By interpreting the results, we were able to make an objective and quantitative comparison between these scenarios with respect to the base case on the one hand, and between the scenarios themselves on the other hand. For the study, we used a micro simulation model, which allowed us to explicitly take the interactions between individual vehicles into account.

Based on this, we checked whether or not the planned construction of a new store would form a problem for the traffic circulation on and around the parking.




Carrefour Group Belgium



Our team

Sven Maerivoet, Isaak Yperman
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