Bodies and Trailers CO2 emissions

18036 / 19034
From 2020 to 2021
With this study, the EC aims to adjust its emissions calculation tool (VECTO) to include custom trailers and bodies, as these can impact the CO2 -exhaust of the vehicle significantly.

TML is responsible for work package 1 and conducted a market analysis of the trailer market.
The purpose of this task was to set the scene for the rest of the project; to understand the current and future trends  in the market for trailers, semi-trailers and bodies, its constraints and its impact on CO2 emissions.

The task is divided in subtasks, with a defined objective:
• Analysis of the European trailer and body builder market with freight transportation trends
• Identification of specific issues and constrains of the sector
• Identification of trailer and bodywork categories according to the market analysis and their relative impact on CO2 emissions

The resulting report is available on the EC website, or on this webpage under the ‘downloads’ section.

Follow-up study: The follow-up study focuses on the development of one or more IT tools to be used for certification of trailers and vehicle bodies. Within this study, TML is again involved in the stakeholder consultation process.



From 2020 to 2021




Idiada, Graz University of Technology (TUG), Emisia

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