Vilvoorde traffic and parking guidance with ANPR and PGS technology

From 2021 to 2023
Commissioned by the city of Vilvoorde, TML is investigating smart digital solutions to reduce congestion and heavy traffic in the centre of Vilvoorde. These solutions are based on ANPR technology, dynamic signage, but also on tele-information systems that reach and guide the drivers in the car in real time. The study results in a tender. After the award, the implementation will also be followed up.

Accessibility and quality of life within the city of Vilvoorde are under increasing pressure due to increasing motorised traffic that has no destination in the city. This leads to more congestion and cut-through traffic. It also slows down public transport. Due to this crowdiness, the streets look less friendly to softer forms of mobility. The city of Vilvoorde wishes to invest in an ANPR system that blocks through freight traffic from the city centre. In addition, the city wants to invest in a smart parking guidance system that directs the car traffic with a local destination to a recommended parking spots.

TML takes the lead in two studies. The subject of a first study is a digital system that detects violations of through traffic restrictions. The subject of the second study is a digital system that monitors the occupancy of underground and above-ground parking spaces and directs local traffic to these parking spaces in a stepwise manner. The study will lead to the procurement of the most suitable and affordable technology that can efficiently tackle the problems. This will increase accessibility and quality of life within the city, reduce unwanted traffic, and allow local traffic to reach its destination more quickly. The streets in the city centre will become more attractive for walkers and cyclists, so that softer forms of mobility will become more common in the streetscape.

The studies run in phases and in parallel with each other. In the first phase, we map out the needs of Vilvoorde. We draw up scenarios that meet these needs and propose suitable technologies in combination with optimal geographic locations. TML will also test the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed systems with test setups in collaboration with the city government and the other partners. TML will compare the stakeholders of such systems on the market and draw up a competitive tender together with the partners. The studies, followed by the preparation of the tenders, will take seven months. TML then supports the awarding process and we monitor the work together with the other partners during the implementation phase. It will end by May 2023.

TML takes the lead in this project and is supported by the partners Tractebel, MORE LION, Rasschaert Advocates and Rebel. TML mainly takes care of the parking guidance system and will be heavily involved in all other subjects and phases. The increasing mobility that is increasingly putting pressure on municipal centres is a recognisable contemporary problem. Our reports can serve as a road map to which small and medium-sized cities can mirror and be inspired to tackle similar problems.

The reports on the study are expected by the end of 2021. The tender documents will be ready in early 2022. A road map is also being drawn up to assist other cities and municipalities with similar mobility problems.


From 2021 to 2023


City of Vilvoorde


Tractebel, MORE LION, Rasschaert Advocaten, Rebel

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Sven Maerivoet, Bart Ons, Gitte Van Den Bergh
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