Urban renewal project Scheldt quays

From 2019 to 2020
In strong interaction with policy makers, local technicians, and the general public, we developed an integrated vision for the renewed design of the central part of the Antwerp quays as a spatial axis between city and water that connects various multimodal nodes of life and movement.

In the past (2010), a Master Plan was already drawn up for the Scheldt quays. Based on this, the southern and northern sections have already been redesigned. The central section, however, has seen various developments which were not taken into consideration in the Master Plan, including the traffic system and initiatives around the Steen and the cruise terminal. This study develops a new coherent vision for this area.

The study resulted in a coherent concept design for the central zone of the quays with proposals as how the various activities can be given a place there, how the multimodal traffic flow can be organised and how the Steenplein can be thecentral node and place to stay between the inner city and the waterfront.

To arrive at an integrated and supported vision, we made a start with the analysis of the spatial and functional characteristics of this part of the quays and the ambitions for this space from the various users. These ambitions were tested against the possibilities and operationalised in strong consultation with the actors and in interaction with the inhabitants of Antwerp through a creative participation process.

Finally, we drew up a concept design for the various subspaces of this part of the quays.

The study is the basis for further decissions regarding the updating of the Master Plan.

TML analysed the multimodal traffic system and helped to develop the concept design with the ambition of allowing the multimodal traffic system to function optimally and achieving a balance with the residential qualities of this area.
We also made a speciffic assesment of the posibilities for a fly-over and fly-over between the Suikerrui and the Quays.



From 2019 to 2020


AG Vespa Stad Antwerpen



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