Traffic management for Connected and Automated Driving (TM4CAD)

From 2021 to 2023
In TM4CAD, we explore the role of infrastructure (across various Infrastructure Support for Automated Driving (ISAD) levels) in creating Operational Design Domain (ODD) awareness for the Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) systems. As a first step, building on national and international standards, we will identify a common set of attributes to define an ODD. We will propose various system architectures for distributed ODD attribute information acquisition and requirements for the information exchange between the architecture elements to enable the CAD system to be aware of its ODD in real-time. To enable the national road authorities (NRAs) to define “good behaviour” for CAD systems, we will also introduce a novel ODD- and ISAD-based highway code concept. A codified highway code along with a common set of ODD attributes will enable manufacturers and NRAs to communicate in a common language and allow for changes in CAD traffic throughput due to ODD and ISAD changes. Furthermore, we will demonstrate the concept via two real-world use cases. Based on the findings, we will produce a set of recommended requirements for NRAs to proactively address to enable CAD systems on European roads.
TM4CAD will bring the NRAs and their viewpoints into discussions with manufacturers, which is key for safe deployment of CAD systems. TM4CAD aims to increase understanding of the issues and possible solutions of ODD and ISAD management and the role of the national road authorities and operators, including specifically traffic management centres in providing these solutions. This will highlight any needs to improve information flows and quality, and develop traffic management processes and tasks while revealing existing gaps of knowledge in the domain. By specifically addressing the requirements of NRAs towards automated vehicles TM4CAD provides the road authorities a recommended set of issues to take up with OEMs, automated driving system developers, and automated vehicle fleet operators. In addition, TM4CAD will point out the priority areas in ODD and ISAD management requiring close dialogue and agreement between road authorities, traffic managers, CAD system developers, and automated vehicle fleet managements to arrive at solutions that are acceptable with regard to the safe, efficient, and clean road network operation.

TM4CAD is led by partner MAPtm.


From 2021 to 2023




MAP traffic management (the Netherlands), Traficon (Finland), Warwick University (United Kingdom), Steve Shladover (independent consultant), and Keio University (Japan)

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