Social inequality and air pollution exposure in European cities

From 2020 to 2021
In North American cities, socio-economic underprivileged people are generally more exposed to pollution. Based on an international literature study, TML concluded that this is not always the case for European cities. TML investigated this for London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Rome and a few smaller cities, where these people always suffer the most from air pollution.

The link between socio-economic wealth and exposure to air pollution in European cities is unclear. In London and Amsterdam, the socially disadvantaged people are exposed to more air pollution. In Paris and Rome, however, the opposite is the case. The socially disadvantaged are always the most vulnerable to the consequences of air pollution. They get sick more and live less long.

TML conducted a literature search,  interviewed some experts, and adjusted the initial hypothesis, namely that socially disadvantaged people would be systematically exposed to poorer air quality.

T&E is writing a policy briefing based on our scientific findings.


From 2020 to 2021


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