Redesigning the A12 as a primary road

From 2020 to 2022
The Flemish government wishes to redesign the A12 in accordance with its status as a primary road, whereby safety and traffic flow can improve for all modes. More concretely, an analysis is made of various alternatives for the layout of both the A12 and the parallel road N177, in order to ultimately arrive at a permit application for the preferred alternative.
There are currently five ground-level intersections on the A12 between Wilrijk and Boom, scoring high in the list of dangerous intersections. Those five cause considerable delays, leading to rat running in the area and on the N177 parallel road. Moreover, the A12 forms a strong barrier for vulnerable road users and the facilities along the A12 do not meet the requirements. Finally, the A12 must also play an important role in the future public transport network according to the 2030 route plan.In previous studies, a consensus was already reached to let the A12 cross the intersections at a grade-separated level by means of an incision or tunnel(s). A project EIA is being drawn up in which various alternatives for the redesign are considered in order to ultimately arrive at a permit application for the preferred alternative.
In the first part, the various alternatives are elaborated with ample attention to the participation of stakeholders and local residents (2021). In a subsequent phase, a project EIA will be drawn up in which the alternatives are compared (2022). After that, an environmental permit application is drawn up for the preferred alternative (2022).
TML is responsible for the study of the traffic flows in the different variants. We analyse the intersections extensively, as well as the exchange between the different routes, and we take the lead for the traffic simulations at both macro and micro level.
The project EIA is expected in mid-2022, the environmental permit application in the autumn of 2022.


From 2020 to 2022


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