Mobility study for Science Park Campus Diepenbeek

From 2020 to 2022
The POM Limburg wants to gain insight into the future mobility situation of the Diepenbeek campus. It is asking for an estimation of the future traffic generation and the development of proposals for an accessibility that will meet this. They also expect microsimulations of the intersections of the N702 University Avenue with the Campus Avenue and the Campus Avenue with the Agora Avenue for 3 possible design scenarios.
Diepenbeek campus is in continuous development with several planned extensions. In order to meet the future traffic generation, they requested the technical elaboration of a number of scenarios in a second phase of the study. In this part the traffic movements have to be simulated.
TML will make a microscopic traffic simulation of the previously mentioned intersections, taking into account future traffic flows as well as the Spartacus public transport line.
TML will support Antea in performing the microsimulations with the software package Vissim and optimise the traffic light controls for future access to the campus, based on an analysis of the simulation results.



From 2020 to 2022


POM Limburg



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Hanne De Naegel, Stef Tourwé
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