Holiday mobility of disadvantaged people

From 2020 to 2021
This study offers concrete avenues for making mobility from, to and on holiday in Flanders possible for people with a financial or physical barrier. We made an analysis of about thirty possible routes after a literature study, interviews and a sounding board group. In the end, we selected three for a more in-depth analysis.

Today it is difficult for people (i.e. young people, underprivileged, and poor and people with a physical disability) to go on holiday. The reasons for this are financial restrictions, a limited offer of public transport, no adapted vehicles, etc.
As a result of the research, we came up with two concrete and feasible project paths that Tourism Flanders can now shape in a pilot project.
The first is the provision of rental bicycles at the holiday destinations, free of charge for mobility-challenged people, but paying for the others. The second option is opening the so-called Less-Mobile Centre to mobility-challenged people to make their holiday possible. We first drew up a long list of existing initiatives at home and abroad. We selected six initiatives from this long list for which we have drawn up a detailed sheet. From this we selected the three most promising initiatives, which we then examined in detail regarding their feasibility for application in Flanders. To this end, we talked to the most important stakeholders and studied a business case.
TML used its relevant experience in organising mobility for mobility-challenged target groups. This concerns in particular the experience gained in the SMARTA project, setting up mobility in rural areas in Europe and of the Leuven Transport Region, where, among other things, transport on demand is organised.
In the coming months, Tourism Flanders will look at how this is progressing. If all goes well, it wants to start a pilot project for the offered options.

The public version of the report can be downloaded from the website Iedereen Verdient Vakantie (Tourism Flanders, in Dutch).


From 2020 to 2021


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