Design of Road Traffic Management Albania

TML is participating in the development of a traffic management system for Albania. To do this, we first look at the needs of the various parties and the financial feasibility. Finally, we work out a system architecture and organisational model in detail, including an estimate of all costs to be incurred.

Albania continues to prepare itself for joining the EU. One aspect of this is the integration of their road infrastructure in the Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T). In addition, there are also various European Directives that they must comply with, such as for intelligent transport systems, open data, etc. We support the Albanian road authority so that they can organise themselves better in order to roll out a suitable traffic management system.

More concretely, we first map out the needs of all the various parties. To this end, we organise interviews and workshops with road authorities, ministerial departments, interest groups, etc. We also look at the various relevant European Directives that Albania will have to comply with in the long term, and what the best solutions for traffic management are at the moment. We then draw up a system architecture, together with an organisational model in which all relevant parties have their own role(s). Finally, we also provide a detailed estimate of all costs to roll out such a large-scale and (re)organise their own administrations for this.

TML coordinates the mapping of all needs, the elaboration of the European Directives and best practices in the field of intelligent transport systems. In addition, we also lead the research into financial feasibility. We also support the consortium in determining the system architecture, the organisational model, and an estimate of the final costs.

The emphasis in all of this is on road traffic, with final results expected by the end of 2021.




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