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    Stef Tourwé

    Stef Tourwé holds a master’s degree in engineering in the field of traffic, logistics, and intelligent transport systems. In his thesis he did research on the integration of delay models in a macroscopic traffic simulation model. He started his career as a consultant at Mint, where he worked for 4 years on the development and application of the Flemish strategic traffic models and several urban traffic models, including Leuven and his native town Tienen. Since 2018 he is working at TML as a traffic researcher. He is involved in the implementation of the traffic light coordination center in Antwerp and in particular the design and simulation of new optimised and dynamic traffic signal controllers. Furthermore he focuses on the development and application of macroscopic dynamic traffic models for Antwerp and the Brussels region in support of the Flemish government. His expertise in scenario modelling is used, among other things, for the realisation of the Oosterweel link in Antwerp. He is also experienced in modelling multimodal and intermodal freight flows and developing microscopic traffic simulations to analyse and optimise traffic flows on busy urban arterial roads. In addition to his traffic engineering expertise, he is also familiar with various programming and GIS environments.
    +32 16 95 71 51
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