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    Kristof Carlier

    Kristof Carlier is civil engineer and is EIR expert for the Flemish Government, assigned to draw up reports on environmental effects related to mobility. He is active in the field of traffic simulation and transport modelling. He cooperated on numerous projects using microsimulation models, the macroscopic model OmniTRANS, applications with the Flemish strategic transport models, and several freight transport models. He is also experienced in calculating transport-related emissions and in road works management of large infrastructure projects.
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Road Works Impact Management bridges Albert canal

Advice building contractor Franki on the Development of a Road Works Impact Management Plan related to the construction works at the bridges of the Albert canal.

Noorderlijn tram

Road Works Impact Management Noorderlijn Antwerp

Road works management during the improvement works of the Noorderlijn in Antwerp.

bridge Antwerp Spoor Noord

Mobility Advice Lantis

TML is one of the mobility advisors for Lantis.


Flow Research N32 Roeselare-Hooglede

Optimisation of the traffic flow at the public transport corridor between the roundabout on the “Koning Leopold III Laan” and the oval roundabout near the R32 / N32

ShopMob Data Analyses

Mobility and rush hour avoidance while shopping: analysing data sets

simulation Heldenplein Brussels

New Tramlines in Brussels

Traffic engineering design of new tramlines around Brussels


Tool-supported policy-development for regional adaptation strategies

Development of a New Logistics Funding Scheme

Ex-ante analysis for the successor to the EC’s Marco Polo programme in freight logistics

bicycle in the city


Models for Optimizing Dynamic Urban Mobility

underground passenger with smartphone


Electric vehicles sharing services based on a B2B service platform


City Programme Roeselare

Analysis of the mobility situation in Roeselare


Impact Study for the New Brussels Postal Sorting Centre

Microsimulations to support the impact study

impact study Woluwelaan

Impact Study Woluwelaan

Microscopic traffic simulation and cost benefit analysis to support the impact study Woluwelaan

Road Works Management

Road Works Management during the construction of the BRABO 2 tramlines in Antwerp

Optimism logo


Optimizing Passenger Transport Information to Materialize Insights for Sustainable Mobility

Rail Freight Market Study Corridor C (Future Corridor 2)




Increase in efficiency of freight transport related information exchange for multimodal transport

traffic situation Moerelei

Mobility Study Recreational Cluster 'Moerelei'

An impact study on traffic circulation

highways Brussels

Environmental Capacity Urban Roads in Brussels

Development of a practical guide and an evaluation instrument for the environmental capacity of the urban roads in the metropolitan district of Brussels

Roundabout Carrefour Herstal

Mobility and Accessibility Study Carrefour Car Park Herstal

Study of traffic circulation in the vicinity of the Carrefour car park in Herstal

The Implementation of Kilometre Charging and a Vignette in Belgium

Kilometre charging for trucks and an electronic road vignette for light vehicles in the Flemish, Brussels, and Walloon Region



Driverless transport systems in London and Rome

A Study on Co-modality and Eco Driving Mobility

Data enrichment applied to detailed mobility data

Trade Facilitation Impact

Improving the efficiency of importing and exporting containers by using an advanced electronic system

Commuting by Motorcycle

Impact analysis of an increased share of motorcycles in commuting traffic


World Container Model (WCM)

The worldwide container model in brief

Evaluation of the Trans-Siberian Railway

Business case for new Trans-Siberian railway corridor services

Economic Effects 80 km/h

Analysis of economic effects of a speed limitation to 80 km/h for trucks on Belgian motorways; Calculation of the Costs; Estimations and Assumptions in the Study

ship inland waterways

Optimisation of Ship-generated Waste Collection

Solutions for more optimal ship-generated waste collection for Flanders inland shipping

transaid consortiumteam


[Final event] TransAID hosted its final event 1-2 July. The event shared and exchanged information regarding traffic management and connected, cooperative and automated driving. All videos and presentations are available online!

Strategic Freight Model Flanders

Policy support using the strategic freight model Flanders

traffic complexes Kortrijk

Mobility analysis traffic complexes E17 Kortrijk

Mobility analysis to improve the traffic complexes Kortrijk-Oost, Kortrijk-Zuid and Aalbeke, and adjustment of the R8 in relation to its environment.

MER connection N10 en R11 Krijgsbaan

Mobility analysis for the design of a MER for the connection N10 and R11 Krijgsbaan.

Microsimulation R23

Microscopic traffic simulation Leuven Ringroad

Traffic analysis (microscopic simulation) of the Leuven Ringroad (R23)

rail traffic Gent-Terneuzen

Optimisation rail Gent-Terneuzen

A prognoses of the transport volumes by rail (up til 2030) in the harbours of Terneuzen and Gent, and a SCBA.

masterplan design

Masterplan Slaughterhouse Site Antwerp

TML advises city developer AG Vespa in the development of a new mobility concept for Antwerp's slaughterhouse site, with specific attention to the parking problems and the accessibility of the site.

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