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    Inge Mayeres

    Inge Mayeres has a PhD in economics (KU Leuven). She worked at VITO and at the Belgian Federal Planning Bureau. Before that she was a postdoctoral researcher of the Fund of Scientific Research Flanders and did research at the Centre for Economic Studies of the KU Leuven. During her career she has made economic evaluations of various aspects of transport policy. For example she analysed innovative transport pricing systems such as road pricing, the reform of car taxation, the effects of environmentally harmful transport subsidies, the international benchmarking of local public transport, the service quality at public transport nodes and the interaction between transport and spatial policy. In addition, she has expertise in European transport policy, the development of long term transport outlooks and the determinants of the external costs of transport.
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Renewable Fuels for Aviation

Coordination of renewable fuel stakeholders' strategy in the field of aviation.

green taxi symbol

Electric Taxis

Research on Clean Power for Taxis.

low emission zone Antwerp

Feasability study extension of the low emission zone Antwerp

Feasibility study on the extension of the low emission zone in Antwerp.


Cost calculation of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the transport sector

Quantitative analysis to support the assessment of measures for the reduction of climate change.

electric car

EPOC 2030-2050

Research and development of energy transition models, whereby TML will focus on the relation between energy and transport.

congestion personal vehicles

Road pricing personal vehicles

Road tax on passenger cars in Flanders: the long-awaited report with figures!
Our contributions are mainly in the areas of pricing, technology and enforcement, socially responsible policy and monitoring.

bicycle-sharing system

TERM report

Annual TERM report on current developments in the transport and environment area

cover picture North-South Limburg

Complex Project North-South Limburg

TML will conduct the social cost benefit analysis of various project alternatives.

congestion highway

Study to objectify mobility policy

This study makes a diagnoses of the congestion problem within Flanders and Brussels. Furthermore, this study aims to formulate recommendations for concrete solutions to reduce congestion.

Munich airport - @Pixabay RitaE


The ITACA project aims to shed light on the drivers and barriers for the adoption of new technologies in ATM.


Impact studies SmartMove

The Brussels Government reached an agreement on 3 December on a smart road pricing scheme. This was substantiated by TML in collaboration with the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles. Our impact study (NL and FR) lists the effects on mobility and external costs of transport, budgetary effects and socio-economic effects.

Port of Antwerp

LEZ Port of Antwerp

Calculation of the environmental cost efficiency and the social costs/benefits of introducing an LEZ in the Antwerp port area.

non-combustion particulate matter emissions

Review of recent studies and policies addressing non-combustion particulate matter emissions from break, tyre and road wear

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