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    Tim Breemersch

    Tim Breemersch holds a Master in Applied Economics and obtained an additional Master in Environmental Science and Technology. He started his career as a Business analyst for DHL international and joined the team of Transport & Mobility Leuven in 2007. At TML, he specialized in the modelling and economic evaluation of transport and environmental policies. His research is oriented towards energy efficiency and the emissions of passenger and freight transport; both on a regional as well as on an international (European) level. Combining his economic and technical background, Tim has been engaged in projects assessing the impact of policy changes on the competitive position of different transport modes, with a specific focus on road (freight) transport on a macro level. On a micro level, Tim has been involved in several social cost benefit analyses of (transport)infrastructure.
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Aeroflex supports vehicle manufacturers to meet the coming challinges and increase efficiency for road freight transport.

scooter for handicapped adult

Transport of persons with reduced mobility

Best practices guide on the carriage of persons with reduced mobility.



Coordination of research and innovation in the framework of CIVITAS 2020.

highway with cars

Fleet, Market, and CO2 Emissions of Passenger Cars and Vans

Data gathering and analysis to improve the understanding of the fleet, market, and CO2 emissions of M2 and N2 category of vehicles.


Level Playing Field for Freight Transport in Belgium

Effects of a continuation of the rail transport subsidy on freight markets and the level playing field for freight transport in Belgium

second-hand cars

Understanding the Second-Hand Car Market in the EU

Analysis of the pricing mechanisms and the trade patterns of second-hand cars and light commercial vehicles


The Cost of Non-Schengen

The direct effects of disbanding the Schengen Area on road transport

train passenger

Passenger Mobility and Road Traffic Statistics

European project on harmonized passenger road mobility statistics

Development of a New Logistics Funding Scheme

Ex-ante analysis for the successor to the EC’s Marco Polo programme in freight logistics

An Integrated Approach Reducing Car CO2 Emissions

Non-vehicle technology related measures to reduce CO2 emissions


Economic Effects of VAT on Passenger Transport

Effects of different VAT regimes in the 28 EU states on the passenger transport market



Impact of Transport Infrastructure on the International Competitiveness of Europe

truck on a highway

Heavy Goods Vehicles and CO2

Technical possibilities and costs of reducing CO2 emissions of trucks

Optimism logo


Optimizing Passenger Transport Information to Materialize Insights for Sustainable Mobility

Review of a Study on Longer and Heavier Vehicles

We contribute to the peer review process of the study "The impact of Megatrucks"

ship canal


Effects of climate change on inland waterways and inland shipping competitiveness

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European Transport Policy Information System: development and implementation of a data collection method for EU transport modelling


Impact Assessment of Internalisation in Transport

Inventory of measures for internalising external costs in all modes of transport

Impact of New Road Infrastructure on CO2

The generative effects of new road transport infrastructure on greenhouse gas emissions, and the impact on Belgian climate policy


Spatial-economic-ecological model for the assessment of the Russian Federation's sustainability policies


Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions (GHG) of transport beyond 2020

A Study on Co-modality and Eco Driving Mobility

Data enrichment applied to detailed mobility data

Second-Hand Cars

European second-hand-car market analysis


New TREMOVE Baseline

Development of a new TREMOVE baseline for the impact assessment of the EC White Paper on transport


Competitiveness of Short Sea Shipping

Analysis of the competitiveness of European Short Sea Shipping compared to road and rail transport


Effects of a Driving Restriction for Heavy Goods Vehicles on Sunday in the Walloon Region

Study of the economic, environmental and traffic effects in the Walloon region of a driving restriction for heavy goods vehicles on Sunday


ETS Flemish Ports

The implementation of international transport in the European emission trading scheme: 'completing modalities from the perspective of Flemish ports'



Update and further development of transport model TREMOVE

LGV in the Road Transport Market

Light Goods Vehicles in the Road Transport Market of the European Union



TREMOVE training for Duke University of North Carolina


Longer and Heavier Vehicles

Effects of adapting the rules on weight and dimensions of heavy commercial vehicles as established within Directive 96/53/EC


Road Pricing

Road Pricing analysis of trucks in Flanders

Shifting from Labour Taxation to Road Pricing

Effects of potential scenarios for greener fiscal policy, more specifically through road pricing for passenger cars

rail traffic Gent-Terneuzen

Optimisation rail Gent-Terneuzen

A prognoses of the transport volumes by rail (up til 2030) in the harbours of Terneuzen and Gent, and a SCBA.

freight train

Elimination of boundaries for the clustering of cargo flows by rail

Mapping of the physical and organisational boundaries of cargo flows by rail in Flanders, and analysis of a possible subsidy.


Impact of the 1st mobility package on European Road Freight Transport

Analysis of the impact of the 1st mobility package on European Road Freight Transport, with special focus on peripheral countries

Port of Antwerp containers - Image of HesselVisser, Pixabay

Monitoring instrument of Flemish transport nodes

Exploratory study towards an instrument for quantitative analysis of mobility within the Flemish transport nodes


Bodies and Trailers CO2 emissions

How to adjust the EC-emission tool to include custom trailers and bodies?

freight transport

Burden of Taxation on Transport

Case study analysis of the burden of taxation and charges on transport


Commercial Vehicle of the Future – IRU Working Group

Commercial vehicle of the future, operating on the infrastructure of the future to ensure efficiency gains, CO2 reduction and increased safety in road transport.

Investments in the EU energy sector

Energy costs, taxes and the impact of government interventions on investments

Planning study De Bieshoek

Planning study "De Bieshoek"

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