Cost-benefit analyses

Transport projects always come about by weighing all kinds of advantages and disadvantages against each other. These analyses usually focus on one or more sub-aspects. Thanks to our broad organisation, we can also include all relevant effects in a so-called cost-benefit analysis (CBA). An important aspect in this is weighing up the external effects by means of monetisation. This not only concerns the directly tangible financial burden, but also social external costs such as traffic jams, air pollution, accidents, etc.

In addition to CBAs, other analysis techniques can also be applied: multi-criteria analyses, safety, liveability and accessibility analyses, etc.

Recente projecten


SCBA E17 Temse-Kruibeke

SCBA study for the infrastructural development of the E17 between Temse and Kruibeke.


SCBA R0-North

Social cost-benefit analysis of the northern part of the Brussels Ring Road (R0)

green taxi symbol

Electric Taxis

Research on Clean Power for Taxis.


The Bossuit-Kortrijk Canal

Upgrade of the Bossuit-Kortrijk canal for class Va ships.


Sustainable aviation fuels

Coordination of renewable fuel stakeholders' strategy in the field of aviation.


CO2 Regulation and Speed Limiters

The role of speed limiters in the CO2 regulation of new light commercial vehicles

second-hand cars

Understanding the Second-Hand Car Market in the EU

Analysis of the pricing mechanisms and the trade patterns of second-hand cars and light commercial vehicles


3RX Corridor

Feasibility study on the 3RX rail corridor between Belgium and Germany

impact study Woluwelaan

Impact Study Woluwelaan

Microscopic traffic simulation and cost benefit analysis to support the impact study Woluwelaan


Cycling in Brussels: Does It Pay Off?

Estimation of the direct and indirect impacts with a modal share of 20% cyclists


Safety-related Aspects of Tyre Use

EU-wide safety effects of tyre choice and use: the influence of weather, tread depth, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)...


Training of Professional Drivers

Study on the effectiveness and improvement of the EU legislative framework on training of professional drivers

illustration transportmodel

Development of a Transport Model

Development of a combined traffic engineering – transport economic model


The Federal Government as "Launching Customer" of Electric Mobility

Roadmap for the transition of the federal government fleet and the fleets of autonomous public enterprises to electric mobility


Second Opinion Brussels Ring

Comparison of the congestion and health effects of an enlargement of the ring versus road pricing


Affordable and Profitable Taxis in Brussels

Examination of the existing tariff structure in the Brussels Capital Region



Accelerating change of air traffic management by regional forerunners


Cost Benefit Analysis Corridor PP22

Study on the completion of the railway link Germany - Greece


Maritime Emission Control Areas

A new EU maritime emission baseline up to 2050, including the costs of reducing emissions

new road link 'Meccano' Antwerp

New Road Link "Meccano" Antwerp

Traffic analysis and SCBA of a new road link in Antwerp



Upgrading the N76 to a primary road?


European Road Safety Action Program (ERSAP)

Preparation of the European Road Safety Action Program 2011-2020


E40 - Haspengouw

SCBA analysis connection Sint-Truiden (Haspengouw) - E40


Training Classes CBA Rail

Training for FPS Mobility and Transport, in French and Dutch, 5 days


Iron Rhine

Transport forecasts and SCBA as part of a possible reopening of the Iron Rhine


Economic Effects 80 km/h

Analysis of economic effects of a speed limitation to 80 km/h for trucks on Belgian motorways; Calculation of the Costs; Esti...


Generalization of Research on Accounts and Cost Estimation

N8 Ieper-Veurne

Analysis of different infrastructure options for the connection between the regional cities Ieper and Veurne

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