TML Thesis Prize 2017

The winners of the TML Thesis Prize 2017 were:
  • Sander Van Aken, KU Leuven, who received the first prize (1 000 euro) with his thesis: 'Optimal timetables for temporarily unavailable tracks' (summary - complete thesis)
  • Alexander Vissenaekens, U Hasselt, who received the second prize (500 euro) with his thesis: 'Van 90 naar 70 km/u: het verwijderen van snelheidsborden op wegen buiten de bebouwde kom' (summary - complete thesis)
  • Casper Winters and Tobie Plancke, KU Leuven, who received the third prize (250 euro) with their thesis: 'Welfare for car and train trips between low-density areas: an international comparison' (summary - complete thesis)
The summaries and full versions of the theses are avaible in the 'Downloads' section.
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