Environmental Objectives for Brussels Vehicle Fleets

Determination of environmental objectives for fleet owners based on the analysis of some Brussels vehicle fleets and the best available technologies

The Brussels Capital Region (BCR) has major difficulties complying with the European environmental objectives concerning fine particles and nitrogen oxides. The BCR has taken some measures to reach these European objectives. One such measure was setting objectives concerning the environmental performance of Brussels' public fleets. Therefore, the Brussels environmental ministry requested TML to perform a study to determine these environmental objectives. The Brussels Government will translate these objectives into an executive decree.

To determine the environmental objectives for lorries, delivery vans and cars, TML first analysed the available technologies thoroughly; the conventional diesel and petrol drivetrains and also the less conventional electric and CNG drivetrains.  The importance of non-exhaust particulate emissions in the technology analysis was very striking.  

TML proposed environmental objectives based on receiving a minimal Ecoscore and giving particular consideration to the environmental characteristics of new vehicles. Besides these environmental objectives, TML also determined the economic potential of electric vehicles. The main conclusion here was that the economic and environmental potential of electric vehicles is greatest with light vehicles.





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