Dynamic Traffic Model Antwerp

Development of a macroscopic dynamic traffic model for the Antwerp region

Commissioned by the Flemish Traffic Centre, the THV TML-Technum-Grontmij builds a macroscopic dynamic traffic model for the Antwerp region. Such a dynamic model can simulate congestion and travel times much more realistically than the traditional static models. In addition, the lower computation time allows large analyses at network level compared to microscopic simulations.

The macroscopic dynamic traffic model Antwerp is the first of its kind in Flanders. This model can be used for future scenario analyses and support to dynamic traffic management (e.g. route advice in incident situations).

The TML team has years of academic experience with macroscopic traffic modelling, and therefore takes the project management on their behalf. In addition, TML is responsible for the calibration of the traffic model. We will pay special attention to proper observance of congestion during the calibration process. TML is also leading the second and third part of the project, namely scenario modelling and updating the existing situation.


Main report


2015 - 2018

funded by

Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken, Vlaams Verkeerscentrum


Technum, Grontmij


Ruben Corthout, Rodric Frederix, Dirk Engels


Ruben Corthout

+32 16 74.51.27
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