Traffic Indices

Traffic statistics for the Belgian motorway network

The Belgian Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport collects traffic data for the Belgian motorways. The traffic measurements are performed by the Flemish and Walloon Region and are available to the Federal government in real-time. The traffic data is collected and processed in the computer system of the Federal government: START/SITTER ("Systeem Trafiek op Autosnelwegen Reële Tijd / Système Intelligent Trafic en Temps Réel"). Most of the traffic data is collected using single loop detectors, although these are now gradually being replaced by double loop detectors.

To enable better analysis and reporting based on this raw traffic data, Transport & Mobility Leuven developed traffic indices in 2001. The methodology was written down in two methodology reports.

In 2002, these indices were implemented in START/SITTER in cooperation with Siemens. This resulted in the first report with traffic statistics: traffic indices for 1999-2002. In a follow-up study, the methodology was further validated and refined, resulting in the report with traffic indices for 1999-2003.

In 2008, traffic indices for 2002-2005 were reported. The indices is this report are based on a thoroughly changed methodology, which means that the data in this last report is not directly comparable to the data in older reports.

reports traffic indices for 2002-2005

Final report (in Dutch)

Annexes regional indices:

Annexes local indices:

reports traffic indices for 1999-2002

Final report (in Dutch)

Annexes (Excel tables):

Press release: persbericht_26jan04.pdf (in Dutch)

methodology reports

First methodology report: rapport_01.03a_verkeersindices.pdf (in Dutch)

Background for congestion costs and environmental costs:
rapport_01.03b_verkeersindices.pdf (in Dutch)


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"Het Belgische verkeer in cijfers": artikel_200401.pdf (Dutch)



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