TREMOVE Runs on Euro 5 Standards for Cars

Cost-benefit analysis of several scenarios on Euro 5 standards for cars and vans

The scenario simulations presented in this report have been performed to support the impact assessment of possible Euro 5 emission standards for cars and N1 vehicles.

In total, 25 scenarios have been run with TREMOVE, thus calculating the effect on transport costs, transport demand, vehicle stocks and emissions. For most scenarios, the estimated welfare effect is positive. I.e. the benefits from pollution reduction are higher than the costs associated with the introduction of the improved technologies. All A16-A25 scenarios are based on a 2.5 mg. PM limit value for diesel cars. The A16-A25 scenarios with a 75 mg. NOx limit value for diesel cars are the ones for which the highest welfare benefits are estimated. The impact of the levels of the emission standards for petrol cars (VOC and NOx) on the overall result is smaller, though certainly not negligible.


The final report can be downloaded here: TREMOVE_policy_runs.pdf (page 8-44)



funded by

European Commission, DG ENV


Bart Van Herbruggen, Griet De Ceuster, Steven Logghe, Olga Ovanova, Kristof Carlier


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