TREMOVE Runs on CO2 and Cars

Cost-benefit analysis of several scenarios on further reductions of CO2 emissions in cars and vans.

The scenario simulations presented in this report have been performed to support the impact assessment for the preparation of a new European strategy aimed at reducing the CO2-emissions of cars to a level of 120 g/km in 2012.

In total, 32 scenarios have been run with TREMOVE, thus calculating the effect on transport costs, transport demand, vehicle stocks and emissions. The results were presented in terms of welfare and as the cost per reduced ton of CO2. E.g. scenarios in which test-cycle fuel consumption is reduced only through technical measures at the vehicle level for cars give a clear increasing marginal abatement cost. Reduction up to 135 g./km. comes at a cost of 94 euro per ton CO2 equivalent, while reduction up to 120 g./km. costs 226 euro per ton CO2 equivalent.


The final report can be downloaded here: TREMOVE_policy_runs.pdf (page 45-87)



funded by

European Commission, DG ENV


Bart Van Herbruggen, Griet De Ceuster, Steven Logghe, Olga Ovanova, Kristof Carlier


Griet De Ceuster

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