Transport Forecasts Gent-Terneuzen

Transport forecasts for a new sea lock in Terneuzen

In order to guarantee the maritime access of e.g. the harbour of Gent, the project group KGT2008, a Dutch - Flemish composed group charged with the allocation research projects concerning the Gent-Terneuzen Canal, is considering to build a new sea lock in Terneuzen to replace the existing old and overloaded lock. To have a tool to aid in the decision making, a cost-benefit analysis was carried out. TML, in cooperation with TNO, investigated the aspect of transport effects, using the TNO-developed TRANS-TOOLS model for freight transport in Europe.

As a component of this overall cost-benefit analysis for a new lock in Terneuzen, TML participated in the welfare analysis, in cooperation with TNO. This welfare analysis included stipulating the impact on employment and the change of economic activity, given full details by sector, in several scenarios. The applied methodology was an input-output analysis.


Final report on the direct transport effects (in Dutch)

Final report on the indirect effects (in Dutch)



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Province of Zealand - the project group KGT2008


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