Definition and translation of sustainable mobility in indicators for policy assessment

SUMMA stands for SUstainable Mobility, policy Measures and Assessment. SUMMA is financed by the European Commission (DG TREN).

SUMMA had several objectives, namely to:
1) assess the scale and scope of the problems of sustainability in the transport sector,
2) define and operationalise sustainable mobility and transport,
3) develop a system of indicators for monitoring sustainable transport and mobility,
4) assess European transport policy measures, as well as policy measures that can be used to promote sustainable transport and mobility in regions and cities.


Final report:

Other deliverables:

  • Setting the context: summa-d2.pdf
  • Operationalising sustainable transport and mobility: The system diagram and indicators: summa-d3.pdf
  • Marginal costs of abatement for environmental problems caused by transport: summa-d9.pdf
  • The Fast Simple Model - User manual: summa-d4.pdf
  • Analysis and assessment of policies: summa-d5.pdf



funded by

European Commission (FP5 program "Competitive and Sustainable Growth", key action “Sustainable Mobility and Intermodality”)


Griet De Ceuster, Bart Van Herbruggen, Joeri Van Rompuy


RAND Europe (project leader, NL), GAIA (FI), Kessel+Partner (DE), IER Stuttgart (DE), Synergo/Econcept (CH), Sudop (CZ)


Griet De Ceuster

+32 16 31.77.30
reference: 01.09