Spatial Strategic Plan Vilvoorde

Outline for the future spatial development of the city of Vilvoorde

The Global Spatial Strategic Plan (GRSP) will set the guidelines for the future spatial development of the city of Vilvoorde.  Different scenarios are developed along 4 tracks:

  • The town in the valley
  • The inhabited city
  • The bustling city
  • The connected city

Our focus lies on the development of the building blocks for a vision on the scale of the city of Vilvoorde.

Based on these four storylines, the general framework for the GRSP is summarized in a Global Vision with long  term goals for spatial development. This vision is the starting point for the “Strategic Projects”, concrete actions to ensure the implementation of the Spatial Strategic Plan in the short term.

TML supports this process with expertise on the mobility aspects.


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funded by

The city of Vilvoorde


1010 Architecture Urbanism


Dirk Engels, Hanne De Naegel


Dirk Engels

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