ShopMob Data Analyses

Mobility and rush hour avoidance while shopping: analysing data sets

The ShopMob project investigated the congestion problem during trips from home to shops and back. Consumers frequently go shopping at the same time and mostly by car. This leads to congestion at car parks and on the surrounding road network. In order to counteract this, two tactics were used. Firstly, consumers were urged to shop at other, less busy moments. Secondly, they were encouraged to leave their cars at home and use another transport mode like public transport or bike, for their shopping.

TML performed data analyses based on vehicle movements at the car parks of five Colruyt stores and at the Dansaert Park in Brussels. These related mainly to the number of vehicles entering and exiting the car parks, and transport choices (walking, cycling, motorized, or public transport). We used cluster analyses of historical data, and pattern and behavioural data analyses during and after a promotional period. We also established links between the performed analyses and the results of available academic and applied research on travel behaviour, including a brief literature review.

press releases

January 2017, Sven Maerivoet wrote an article for NM Magazine: Mobiliteit en spitsmijden bij winkelen: analyse van datasets

28 October, 2016: 'Boodschappen doen zonder filles: het kan'





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Vlaams Instituut voor Mobiliteit (VIM)


Sven Maerivoet, Lars Akkermans, Kristof Carlier, Eef Delhaye


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