Mobility Scenarios Flanders

Feasibility and desirability of a scenario-based approach to support Flemish transport policy

The Mobility Department of the Flemish administration wants to develop a policy framework for the far future, 2030 to 2050, in which all modi are included. Scenarios can constitute this policy framework. They give a funded insight in the uncertain future of complex systems like the traffic and transport system. TML and TNO compared 54 scenario's of our neighbouring countries, of which 10 more detailed.

Based on this comparative study and after analysis of the available data, TML concluded that future insights with scenarios are possible and that it will take 2 years to develop them. The most important factors for such scenario's are the variables that influence the mobility system, a quantification instrument to quantify the scenarios and a process to develop the scenarios.


Final report (in Dutch, pdf), annexes (in Dutch, pdf)


2006 - 2007

funded by

Vlaamse overheid, Mobiliteitscel (Flemish government, Mobility Department , now called Afdeling Beleid Mobiliteit & Verkeersveiligheid)


Bruno Van Zeebroeck, Griet De Ceuster


TNO (The Netherlands)


Griet De Ceuster

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