Route 26

Research on the facilitation of the policy making process, in the form of a game simulation, using the micro-simulation model Paramics

Route 26 was a subproject of "Roads to the Future" of the Dutch government in 2001-2002. The aim of the Route 26 project approach is to break the impasse in the current policy preparations and find sustainable solutions for problems that appear insoluble. Route 26 takes the form of a game simulation, whereas the micro-simulation model Paramics is used to model traffic flows in the network.

The pilot study Route 26 has been carried out as a part of the Flexible Infrastructure theme within the Roads to the Future project, an innovation oriented program of the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. In a workshop, traffic management measures were proposed by policy makers for a fictitious city.  Together with TNO, the consequences on traffic flow of the measures that were proposed were shown live using Paramics.


Final report (in Dutch)



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Dutch Ministry of Transport:


Filip Vanhove, Kristof Carlier


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Filip Vanhove

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