Project EIR N60 Ronse

Elaboration discipline Human-Mobility in the Project EIR for the missing link ‘extension N60 Ronse’

In this study an environmental impact assessment (EIR) was conducted for the realisation of this missing link. The goal of this project is the completion of the main road structure at Flemish level and the connection to the local road network in such a way that it has a positive effect on the accessibility of Ronse, the quality of life and traffic safety.

TML was responsible for the aspect Human-Mobility in this Project EIR. The reference design was analysed considering various indicators in terms of road network functioning, accessibility, multi modal mobility, traffic liveability and traffic safety.


Herewith the links to the reports on the LNE website (
Kennisgeving (pdf)
Definitief rapport (pdf)
Bijlagen (pdf)
Niet-technische samenvatting (pdf)


2013 - 2014

funded by

Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer - Wegen en Verkeer Oost-Vlaanderen


Dirk Engels, Gitte Van Den Bergh


Dirk Engels

+32 16 31.77.31
reference: 13.18