Noise Emission Standards of Equipment for Outdoor Use

Impact assessment study on a possible amendment of noise emission standards of equipment for outdoor use

The EU regulates noise emissions of equipment for outdoor use in directive 2001/14/EC and an amending directive 2005/88/EC. The latter one made the standards only indicative for some types of equipment. The EU has to make a decision on the amendment of the directive.

To support the EU decision making, this study analysed whether the indicative values should be made compulsory. The basis for this study was a technical study of TNO.

The analysis was made based on a multi criteria analysis using efficiency, effectiveness and consistency criteria. This takes into account a detailed impact analysis which looks at environmental, economic and social effects of the different options.


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funded by

European Commission, DG for Enterprise & Industry (ENTR)


Arcadis (previously Ecolas)


Bruno Van Zeebroeck, Filip Vanhove


Griet De Ceuster

+32 16 31.77.30
reference: 05.12